I entered a contest by designing a poster for Firefly Music Festival 2016. This is an outdoor camping festival that happens in June. The music festival offers various performing artists, food, a brewery, shops and art. I hand drew the poster so that it would give off the raw, artsy vibe of the festival. I used bright colors to represent a fun summer time feel and the images show the actual attendees at a show with their hands up in the crowd enjoying themselves. 

This poster was designed for a personal project. Every year the town of Ellicottville, NY puts on a Fall Festival and every year they have a poster designed. This year I wanted to design my own version from my own experience. The poster entails everything that goes on during this weekend; riding ski lifts, Beatles music performance, chili cookoffs, pumpkin carving, and drinking at the local Ellicottville Brewery.

Creative Allies hosted a contest that involved creating an LED wall wrap for a popular club called Echostage. The theme of the design needed to embody Echostage’s presence in the greater community of Washington, DC, while paying tribute to nightlife, live music and beyond. Music is what brings the diverse group of people together and during a show the music moves everyone in a way that makes them feel connected. My design embodies what Echostage has to offer while mixing in elements from the beautiful city, Washington DC. 


My inspiration for the design came from Gemma O'brien. I wanted to blend elements with the text to make the piece feel as if it was all connected and moving. 


Despite not winning, I was voted as a finalist as a top favorite from the crowd! 

I had the pleasure of designing one of my closest friend, Heather's wedding invitations. A big celebration came with a big responsibility to design the perfect invite for an important event. Heather and Dean both had their opinions on the design, but we all worked together to come up with the overall look, fonts, colors and sophisticated feel. I am proud to say they both loved the whole invitation package. Many of the attendees complimented on the design as well.

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