BluDream is a band recently formed in Washington, DC featuring a distinctive combination of reggae, rock, pop, r&b, rap, funk, and house music that will appeal to Sri Lankan, American, and international audiences. The band’s music consists of original songs by main vocalist Sujith De Silva (Sid) in both Sinhalese and English as well as covers of popular music. The logo is of a mouth singing with a island vibe style. The color combo is similar to rasta colors but slightly off. And the font was formed similar to the leaves in the icon to keep it cohesive. 

Horseshoe Feud was designed for a game show held at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore. It is very similar to the game Family Feud, but geared towards the casino industry. Guests enter to play every Wednesday. I wanted the logo to have similar characteristics of other game show logos, such as vibrant colors, marquee lights, a playful font, slight rotation and a dynamic perspective. I wanted to incorporate the yellow color because Horseshoe's main color is gold and I wanted to incorporate the money symbol because guests win free slot play.

Through the Needle's Eye is a company ran by two women that loved to make patterns for quilts that told fairy tale stories. The patterns would consist of fairy tale scenes or characters.
I chose to have the needle play on the name of the company as it goes through the copy. To learn more about this business visit: 

Einstein Enterprises was designed for a company that specialized in two different divisions, battery restoration and aircrafts. The battery side of the  business is using a new green product, OP-1. Lift batteries are what they usually restore. The aircraft side of the business are aircraft sales, aviation appraisals and risk management. The two divisions of the company are combined to form the logo. The circular "E" is for the name Einstein Enterprises. It represents motion, upward and positivity. The font and colors are more masculine to attract the male targeted audience. The green color is also used to represent the company's side of being environmentally friendly. And the arrows also represent aircrafts flying through the sky. Creating a logo with the combined divisions seems overall the way to go because each side of the business is clearly shown.

Kim Alvarado Films is a full videography business that specializes in capturing the special big day. Kim wanted a logo that represented her personality, who she was and what she does.

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